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"Corliss is one of the hardest working people in radio I've ever worked with.  A one of a kind fun personality to be around, but driven to be the best she can be.  You can't not love Corliss."

- Matt Althouse



"Corliss is one of the easiest interviews. She keeps the conversation going smoothly and makes it flow more like two friends talking to each other than a formal interview"

- Drew Fish



"Working with Corliss is fantastic.   She brings a fun atmosphere to the table that can't be taught.  The single greatest thing about Corliss is that she is real.  And, that really comes across over the air.  People work their entire careers on being authentic on the air....Corliss was born with it.  Excellent talent!"

- DJ Dan Michaels


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"You will not find a more professional voice for your project than Corliss. Her production skills are unmatched and turnaround time can't be beat. We use her for several of our clients! "

-Jennifer Redding

"Corliss delivers. Her voice cuts through and is persuasive. Her production is second to none. There are a lot of voices out there but there's only one Corliss."

-Ray Redding 

Jenerayte Promotion

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"Working with Corliss was one of the most electrifying, upbeat show experiences I've ever had the pleasure of having. She is truly a comical professional that can bring fun to any conversation."

- James Cook

Musician / Radio

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